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Thank you for visiting my website! Whether you are  a new or experienced trader, I have tools and information to enhance your trading and improve your results.


Unfortunately I am not able to offer you an option to get rich in a short space of time. Instead, I am looking to work with individuals that are committed to building a strong and lasting business relationship.


I started out by learning to trade while working a day job as a building manager with my office in a basement parking lot. The reality hit slowly as I lost three trading accounts and attended training courses that unfortunately made no positive impact on my trading. Searching the internet was difficult when I didn't know what to look for or to trust what I discovered on google and youtube etc. This lead me to carve out my own ideas and techniques towards profitable trading that I can now share with you.


Products that I have developed include:

Trading algorithm (A trading 'robot' software that trades on your behalf on autopilot)

Custom indicator (Helps with chart analysis)

Forex Bootcamp (Live market updates)

Online training portal (Available for on demand studies)

Forex training course (A one of a kind course for trading profitably)

You can navigate through this website using the tabs above to access all the relevant training and information. In the forum you will find new content being shared every week!

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