The best indicator for MT4 - Markup Buddy

Simplify your manual trading on MT4 by using one of the most accurate and a

effective indicators in the market. Markup Buddy is fast, effective and accurate.

Markup Buddy is an indicator used on the MT4 trading platform that is widely used by millions of traders across the globe. You can use this accurate indicator to trade on any time frame, using any currency pair, stock, crypto or any other instrument that your broker has available. 

Amazing Features

Whether you are a swing trader or a breakout trader, long term or intra-day - this indicator will reveal key levels and chart patterns that you can use to trade. 

  • Marks key levels

  • Marks chart patterns - wedges, triangles, channels etc

  • Consistent mark ups

  • Accurate mark ups

"The mark up buddy is very consistent"
Lyndon - Cape Town
"I think you have groomed me so much 🙈. I wouldn't be where I am without you."
Neo - Durban

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Get your edge by using Markup Buddy

Knowing where the key levels are that pro traders and institutions use gives you that  edge in the market

  • Easy to use, no training or confusing information

  • Customisable settings so you can choose your trading style

  • Works on any instrument, any broker

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