Algorithmic trading

Updated: Mar 5

This month I wanted to share with you much of my wisdom that I have gained from algorithmic trading.

What is algorithmic trading?

Algorithms are like formulas that solve mathematical problems by processing a set of rules and they are usually run by computers. Algorithmic trading is using one of these algorithms in the process of trading, so in reality you are getting a "robot" or also known as an "expert advisor" to do the trading for you.


Because life gets hectic and we remain humans. The demand has become really high and people are burning out and some even losing their minds. The stresses from work can be overwhelming and consuming. These are just a few reasons why using an algorithm to trade can be beneficial for you.

It's hard enough keeping up with life so as the demand increases we have to come up with innovative ways of getting more done while actually doing less.

Let's say that you've got enough time and you want to learn to trade yourself instead. I highly recommend you do that to empower yourself but it will take time. This is another problem when it comes to our daily lives, too much demand, too little time and too little money. So you can fit the studies in but you need to accept the time requirement that comes with it.

Using an algorithm lets you set the software to do the trading for you

This way you're getting to do two things at the same time because you are leveraging the power of technology. Just think about all those lucky investors that bought bitcoin when it was still a dollar a coin, they leveraged technology. With algorithmic trading you are leveraging technology!

What are the other benefits?

I had my own battles with my emotions while trading as I always let it get the better of me. You're possibly a very dangerous person if you poker-faced your way to profit in the market since you started trading (just kidding, but think about it).

Using an algorithm takes humans out of the situation and so emotion leaves the room along with that. Algorithms follow specific rules so emotions like fear and greed are not able to influence the trading results. Humans on the other hand often make decisions based on emotion and in trading that doesn't pay well...

Why should you listen to what I have to say?

My name is Vernon Hayes, I'm a 37 year old man and I have my own algorithm that I have spent almost three years in development.

In the time I have spent on research and development, I have been able to tweak the functionality of my algorithm into a sophisticated yet simple to understand set of trading rules. Now I use this Chartmaster trading robot/algorithm to trade funds for me while I spend time mentoring and in other businesses.

I can get more done in a day because I am leveraging technology. The fact is that most of my business processes are automated so I get about four people's jobs done in a day and I still have time to read and spend time with my family.

Chartmaster adds value to my life in so many ways, just because it takes care of the trading. It's great to know that I don't have to worry about checking charts and trades during the day if I am too busy.

Algorithmic trading is the future

My algorithm (trading robot) is available to anyone and there are tutorial videos on how to use the software and the customizable settings for curve fitting. You can use the it on any currency, indices, forex and crypto pairs.

If you want to read more about my algorithm please visit the link below

Happy trading!