What is a vps?  Also known as a virtual private server. It's like a virtual computer or virtual desktop if that makes better sense...

A vps is used to host software applications that need to run without interruption that can be caused by loss of power or internet connectivity to mention two examples. If you are looking at automating some of your trading processes (or all of it), then you would need a vps in order to host your Metatrader platform as this will provide you with a system that is running without interruptions.

You can access your vps from your smart phone or your computer/laptop for your convenience, which makes it ideal for traders that don't have a computer but want a solution that is not just practical but also secure. 

If you are wanting to get your own vps then you can click on the button below to be directed to a business that can set you up with a high quality vps to run your trading platform from.